Special Programs

Training in Canada Where Pharmacy Is Esteemed

Training in Canada Where Pharmacy Is Esteemed
Celebrating completion of the EFL program at the University
of Alberta
  The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has academic exchanges with the University of Alberta in Canada and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in China. In addition to special lectures by faculty invited from these schools, students can take advantage of short-term exchange programs.
  The University of Alberta offers three-week language and cultural programs in which several students from Toho University participate each year. Students can join the University of Alberta’s programs for English as a Foreign Language to improve their English skills. The programs include activities in a pharmacy. For example, in the case of practice for preparing ointment, each student is given a different prescription and within a specified time is required to prepare the prescribed ointment and provide guidance on its administration to the teacher who plays the role of a patient. Students need to give precise advice in English in response to the teacher’s questions. The University of Alberta also offers exchange programs for pharmacy practice through which students can gain clinical experience in Canada where pharmacy is highly esteemed.
  Toho University hosts about 10 students from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University each year for a one-week program. Toho University students who partner the visitors from China during their stay in Japan make a brief visit to Shenyang Pharmaceutical University to deepen the exchange. Increasingly, students from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University who participate in short-term programs at Toho University are enrolling in our Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.