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Department of Pharmacognosy

Third-year students studying in the garden of medicinal plants on campus.
Despite the development of medical care, effective treatments are still lacking for many diseases. As is well known, natural medicines have played an important role in both healthcare and drug development. In the social context of population aging, the use of natural medicines in various disease fields in expected to increase.

In the Department of Pharmacognosy,through education and research on natural medicines, we strive to develop highly motivated, consummate, medical professionals, and constantly feed back our latest research results to clinical sites in order to improve medical practice. The Department intends to continue pursuing this major theme far into the future.

Professor Kazuo Koike

Graduated from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toho University in 1979. Ph.D from the University of Tokyo in 1987. Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toho University, in 1987, and associate professor in 1996. Incentive Award in The Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy 2002. Professor since 2006.