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Laboratories: Department of Molecular Toxicology


Department of Molecular Toxicology

The mission of the Department of Molecular Toxicology is to develop the best possible methods of protecting public health. Numerous toxicological studies on environmental chemicals provide clues for elucidating the pathogenic mechanisms of various diseases. For example, concepts of cellular oxidative stress and endoplasmic reticulum stress have been developed through studies environmental pollutants and other toxicants. Lately, abundant evidence has been accumulating that those toxicological events are closely involved in pathogenesis of diverse diseases, including neurodegenerative disorders.

We recently launched ambitious development research toward practical use of functional foods and drugs for prevention of neurodegenerative dementia as well as Alzheimer's disease. These projects emphasize innovating new techniques and approaches in molecular toxicology and neuroscience as well as new animal model systems for those diseases.
Students and staff engage in lively discussion as they pursue research together.

Professor Kiyomitsu Nemoto

Professor Kiyomitsu Nemoto
Graduated from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokyo University of Science, in 1983. Ph.D in pharmacology, Tokyo University of Science. Assistant, Department of Toxicology and Microbial Chemistry,Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences,Tokyo University of Science. Assistant,lecturer, and associate professor, Department of Molecular Toxicology, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Shizuoka. Appointed professor, Department of Molecular Toxicology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toho University in April, 2015.