Department of Infection Control and Prevention

Department of Infection Control and Prevention
“The issue of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is an unfortunate
consequence of the advance of civilization. In that sense,it
has something in common with global warming and other
environmental issues,” says Professor Kobayashi, who is
engaged in a never-ending battle against these invisible enemies.
  Professor Kobayashi specializes in infection control and prevention, a discipline concerned with preventing infection, preventing its spread, and controlling it at an early stage. It is essential to accurately understand infection routes and take steps to block them. For example, whereas influenza is infected by droplets and through contact, tuberculosis is an airborne infection. Although these infection routes may seem similar, the countermeasures required are quite different. If the wrong countermeasure is taken, the effort to control infection will fail.
  Another research theme of Professor Kobayashi is antimicrobial-drug-resistant bacteria. Bacteria acquire resistance to antibiotics developed successively. Hospital-acquired infection attributable to antibiotic-resistant bacteria is recognized as a serious problem at the forefront of medical care.
  In view of the need for countermeasures for infection at hospitals and nursing homes, the Faculty of Nursing is focusing on the control and prevention of infection and researching antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Professor Intetsu Kobayashi

Professor Intetsu Kobayashi
Born in Tokyo in 1962. Graduated from Kitasato University. Research student, Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Toho University. Doctor in health science, Kitasato University. Chief researcher, Bioclinical Laboratory, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.; part-time lecturer, School of Medicine, Tokai University; researcher, National Center for Global Health and Medicine; Director, Chemotherapy Laboratory and Infectious Disease Testing Laboratory, Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corp. Appointed associate professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Toho University, in January 2008, and professor in April 2009.