Special Education

Fostering Holistic Medical Professionals

Fostering Holistic Medical Professionals
  Education at the Faculty of Medicine is characterized by spiral learning throughout the six years to foster superior clinicians. As well as the acquisition of medical knowledge, the Faculty emphasizes the students’cultivation of desirable attitudes and of a predisposition to practice patient-centric medicine based on medical ethics.
  1st year: Learn the practical approaches, values and attitudes required of a medical student and the basics of lifelong learning
  2nd year: Understand ethical and legal compliance requirements for medical professionals and learn how to satisfy those requirements
  3rd year: Understand contemporary medical issues and needs from a global perspective
  4th year: Learn how to respond to challenges in real medical settings in readiness for clinical practice by leveraging the knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired in the preceding three years
  5th year: Put into practice the knowledge, skills, and the attitudes necessary for the provision of primary care, understand the importance of community medicine, and learn the methodology
  6th year: Through an elective clinical clerkship, learn what being a member of a medical team involves, cultivate the appropriate attitude for a physician and acquire fundamental knowledge