General Information (Program fees, housing, health insurance)

Information on Elective Clinical Clerkship

  1. Clinical clerkship is unpaid for, and no financial aid is usually available from Toho University Faculty of Medicine (TUFM).
  2. Students who would like to do the clerkship at our university hospitals have to be in their final year or in the year before their final year at their medical school.
  3. Students whose native language is not Japanese have to show evidence that they can communicate with people either in Japanese or in English in every-day life.
  4. In principle, clerkships are not offered in April.
  5. Overseas students who wish to do the clerkship at our university hospitals are required to complete and submit all the required documents.
  6. It will usually take two to three weeks to examine the application documents and make an official decision about acceptance. Therefore, the application documents should be submitted at the latest about 12 weeks before the beginning of the clerkship.
  7. Trainees should buy a health insurance in their own country before they come to Japan. Regarding a malpractice or liability insurance, TUFM will take care of it.
  8. Students / Doctors should bring or purchase a white lab coat.
  9. Tuition and fees should be paid before or upon arrival unless otherwise stipulated in such an official document as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  10. Tuition and fees:
    • Registration fee -- \10,000
    • Tuition -- \20,000 per week
    • Accommodation fee -- \20,000 per week, utilities included.
  11. If TUFM housing is not available, students make arrangements for accommodation by themselves.