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Graduate School of Science

Graduate School of Science

The Graduate School of Science offers six research majors corresponding to the six departments in the Faculty of Science.
  • Chemistry (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)
  • Biology (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)
  • Biomolecular Science (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)
  • Physics (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)
  • Information Science (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)
  • Environmental Science (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)

Majors and Research Fields

Major Research Field
Chemistry Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Biology Ecology, Genetics and Evolutionary Biodiversity, Systems Biology, Plant Science
Biomolecular Science Molecular Biology, Molecular Physiology, Molecular Science, Molecular Medicine
Physics Fundamental Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Applied Physics
Information Science Information Science
Environmental Science Environmental Science

Chemistry (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)

  Students perform wide-ranging research and receive guidance corresponding to their capabilities and needs. We also emphasize collaborative research with other disciplines at Toho University and with external research institutions.

Biology (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)

  We offer advanced education and research focusing on the fundamental principles of biological systems. Through our programs, students learn about the rules governing biological phenomena from a broad perspective and acquire knowledge and skills for effective application of biological functions. As students are offered a wide choice of research fields, they can explore the themes they find most fascinating.

Biomolecular Science (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)

  For investigation of biological phenomena at the molecular level, students are encouraged to conduct experiments independently and take seminars that support their work in the laboratory. Our programs cover a wide range of fields from pure science to basic medicine and interdepartmental exchanges are actively pursued. In an academic environment with excellent facilities, students are contributing to the vitalization of research together with teaching staff.

Physics (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)

  Our objective is to foster outstanding individuals capable of exercising leadership in promising new fields of industrial science and technology for the benefit of society. The faculty includes teaching staff who have achieved international renown. Close relations between faculty and students are cultivated through small-group instruction. Moreover, students benefit from Toho University’s excellent facilities and equipment, which are among the best to be found among Japanese private science universities.

Information Science (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)

  Information science covers a wide field extending from theory to applications. While focusing on fundamental education in mathematical informatics and computer science, students are encouraged to acquire robust application capabilities that will form the bedrock of their subsequent careers. Guided by teaching staff, students undertake research in particular fields—mathematical principles, communications, media science, and information processing and applications. Leading researchers give special lectures so that students keep abreast of the latest technological developments.

Environmental Science (Master’s and Doctoral Programs)

  These programs are designed to foster individuals who will take the lead in the analysis, conservation, remediation and creation of the environment to realize a sustainable society, which is a theme of overwhelming importance in the 21st century. Our programs are based on a systematic curriculum centering on five fields: environmental ecology, environmental chemistry, earth science, environmental systems, and environmental management. We focus on problem-solving research attuned to the needs of society. We welcome applicants eager to tackle environmental issues regardless of whether their majors were in the humanities or sciences.

Partner Institutions

  The Graduate School of Science has partnerships with 13 research institutions and graduate schools and with four universities (as of April 2011). Students pursuing master’s programs can participate in seminars at these partner institutions and study and receive guidance on their research in certain fields.
Partner Institutions