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Affiliated Institutions

Affiliated Institutions


Omori Medical Center別ウインドウで表示する

6-11-1 Omori-nishi, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Omori Medical Center
  Omori Medical Center opened in 1925 as an affiliated hospital of the Imperial Women’s Medical College, the predecessor of Toho University. The center’s priority is to provide safe and effective medical care attuned to patients’ needs and preferences. While playing a leading role in community-based healthcare through collaboration with medical institutions in the community, the center serves as a government-certified advanced treatment hospital offering cutting-edge medical treatment. The center has been emphasizing cancer treatment since April 2009.

Ohashi Medical Center別ウインドウで表示する

2-17-6 Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Ohashi Medical Center
Ohashi Medical Center opened in 1964 in Meguro. As a core general hospital serving southwest Tokyo, the center provides high-quality medical services emphasizing community-based healthcare and emergency medical care. In light of the age of the buildings, a new hospital construction project is underway based on an innovative concept to meet future needs. The new hospital will emphasize patient friendliness and outstanding environmental performance with plenty of greenery, barrier-free facilities, and areas where people can relax.

Sakura Medical Center別ウインドウで表示する

564-1 Shimoshizu, Sakura-shi, Chiba

Sakura Medical Center
Sakura Medical Center opened in 1991 on a hill in the northwest area of Sakura City in Chiba Prefecture. With 15 departments and four centers, Sakura Medical Center offers advanced medical care as the core hospital in the region. It is also fulfilling its role as an educational institution of the Faculty of Medicine, Toho University. Equipped with the latest medical equipment, Sakura Medical Center is a model 21st century hospital representing the region. Its modern facilities make it a state-of-the-art medical facility.

Haneda Airport Clinic

3-4-2 Haneda Kuukou, Ota-ku, Tokyo (Domestic Terminal 2)別ウインドウで表示する

2-6-5 Haneda Kuukou, Ota-ku, Tokyo (International Terminal)別ウインドウで表示する

Haneda Airport Clinic
Toho University has two clinics at Haneda Airport: one on the first floor of Terminal 2 (domestic flights) and another on the first floor of the International Flight Passenger Terminal. As well as treatment of patients with acute illness and injuries, the clinics offer health checkups, healthcare administration, and immunization. The airport clinics have a close relationship with Omori Medical Center, which is the university hospital closest to Haneda Airport.